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I was asked by several readers what I recommend for someone trying to build strength and muscle mass. I can not answer this question without a great deal of personal experience and training. I will try to answer it in my own words. The basic question is this: "How do I gain muscle mass?" There is no question that there is no single thing that you can do. There is a very large variety of training methods and training methods are quite similar to each other. There are a few main methods that you can use that have a high probability of working in the end. The best way to determine what training method or methods to use is to work out with and against the methods you have been using. This is true for every form of training. Some exercises and workouts will be stronger and more effective when you are using the method that you know and have been using. There are, however, some basic principles that we can apply to all training methods. These principles will be used to help you choose the method that best meets your needs and your body needs.


Strength is the most basic and fundamental training method.

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